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  99.9 % of all the carpet and padding we sell is Made in the USA!

Carpet Warehouse is a real warehouse... bring your walking shoes!

Above is just one third of our huge selection. We have thousands of rolls in stock, so you can always make the perfect choice for your home.

6111 East Randolph St. Commerce CA 90040   


We are open from 9 am to 6 pm Monday - Saturday. 

Please call us at (323) 888-2424.

       Alan Mendelson on his BestBuysTV show named Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse the "Best Buy in Los Angeles" for carpet. Watch the spot as it was shown on KCOP Channel 13.

Carpet Warehouse has been serving the Los Angeles area since 1918.  We have been located in the City of Commerce, in our current warehouse, since 1969.  We are freeway convenient to Orange County, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.  We have the largest in-stock selection of carpet in Los Angeles - this means no waiting for your selection of beautiful wall to wall carpet to arrive from Dalton, Georgia.  Our carpet warehouse is clean and neat.  All our carpeting is on display so you are able to view the thousands of colors and styles we offer.  Although we sell carpet at discounted and wholesale prices, the quality of our material is the same as you would find at any full service store, at a fraction of the price.  The major manufacturers (Shaw Industries, Mohawk, and Beaulieu) partner with us to liquidate carpet.  So if you need a remnant or an entire house of carpeting, Nylon carpet, polyester carpet, wool blends, and olefin, we carry all different types of carpet.  We have one of the largest selections of outdoor and marine carpets you will ever see.  Carpet Manufacturers Warehouseâ  is your best choice for carpet.  We have just the carpet you are looking for.  Give us a try!  Even if you need cheap carpet we are your best choice for carpet stores.  Since October 2010 we have helped to keep 1,215,000 pounds of used carpet and pad from entering our local landfills.  We have partnered with a local recycling center to keep our customers used carpet and pad from entering landfills, the used product is recycled into all types of different products, including new carpet!   Shaw carpet, Tuftex carpet, Philadelphia carpet, Mohawk carpet, Coronet carpet, Beaulieu Carpet among others use this recycled material in the production of new flooring.  For the lowest cost on carpeting, and the largest selection of quality carpets, call Carpet Warehouse at (323) 888-2424.

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We have many items that we have put on special.  Below are some of the carpeting items we have lowered the prices on.  All items are sold first come first served, sorry we are not able to hold items over the phone.  We have over 100 rolls on clearance at this time.

Below is our video's showing some of the Berber carpeting we have in stock. This is just a small sample of the many choices of quality discounted carpet we have in stock. Our carpet warehouse in Los Angeles has the largest selection of carpeting you will find anywhere. If you are in need of quality, discounted carpeting in the Los Angeles or Orange county area (and beyond) stop by Carpet Manufacturers Warehouseâ and see for yourself, the number of quality deals we have in stock.  To see all our inventory stop by the warehouse, bring your walking shoes.

Along with Berber carpet we have many other types of carpet in stock.  Take a look at the short video above and see some of the choices in stock.  We have many more videos on our Youtube channel  .  We have more discount carpet than any other warehouse in Los Angeles.

   Used Carpet and Padding going into the trailer to be recycled. Keeping used carpet and pad out of landfills is a top priority. Used material from this trailer goes to a carpet and padding recycler.  Please see our FAQ page for more information.

updated as of  4/25/2016

We also carry close to 100 choices of indoor and outdoor carpet in stock.  We have Los Angeles largest selection of outdoor carpet, marine carpet, boat carpet, you will find anywhere.  Low prices and large selection, its what we do!  We also carry carpet tiles in stock.

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Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse is the largest discount carpet warehouse in the Los Angeles area.  We have thousands of rolls of carpet in stock.  We carry carpet from the largest, and best known carpet manufacturers in the world.  We have berber carpet from Shaw, and berber carpet from Mohawk carpet mills.  We have thousands of plush carpets from Shaw, and Mohawk.   We have solid color carpet and pattern carpets.  As the best stocked carpet warehouse in the Los Angeles and Orange county area, our customers drive from all over Southern California.  We carry carpet padding, rug pads, and carpet cushions of many diffrent qualities for any application.  Our sales associates are not paid on commission, and therefore we feel they will give you the best customer service experience in the purchase of your next carpet.

With thousands of choices in stock, everyday low prices Carpet Warehouse in the City of Commerce, is the best choice for your carpet needs.  Largest selection of rug carpet in Los Angeles.

Looking for a carpet warehouse filled with rolls and rolls of carpet?  We are just what you are looking for.  We have more rolls of carpeting then any place in Los Angeles.  We have thousands of choice carpets in stock.   We sell carpeting at discounts prices everyday.  If  you are looking for discount carpeting in Los Angeles or anywhere near by, Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse is just the place you are looking for.

Just arrived at the warehouse this week, are some of the newest styles on the market.  In 2013, the hottest items on the market are soft yarns.  In the last few years the polyester yarn from Mohawk Silk tm    came to market.  This year soft nylon has reached our shelves.  Nylon has always been a better performing yarn then polyester.  Many people have purchased soft polyester in the last few years because of the great soft hand the carpet has, and how wonderful the soft yarn feels under foot.  Now you can have that soft feel with a nylon carpet,  nylon gives you a more durable carpeting then polyester.   And we have some of the hottest styles in the warehouse now.  Stop by and put your hands into the softest carpet on the market.

We have the largest in stock selection of carpeting and carpet pad in Los Angeles.  Los Angeles largest discount carpet warehouse.  We have new items arriving all the time.  Stop by the warehouse and view our newest selections of quality carpeting.

Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse has the largest selection of carping in the Los Angeles area.  If you are looking for a special color like Red Carpet, Blue Carpet, Green Carpet, Purple Carpet, Pink Carpet, Yellow Carpet, Gold Carpet, Orange Carpet, Black Carpet, White Carpet, Brown Carpet or Tan Carpet, we have that carpet in stock.  Above is a video showing a small sampling of the different colored carpeting we have in stock.  Since not all computers show colors the same way, Carpet Warehouse will need you to come to the warehouse and select the perfect color for your room, project or special event.

6111 East Randolph St Commerce Ca 90040   (323) 888-2424  Open Monday-Saturday 9-6

 Soft warm new carpeting on your floor is the best gift you can give yourself, and your family for spring.  Clean up the look of your home for spring with new carpet from Carpet Manufacturers Warehouse.  We are Los Angeles county's largest carpet warehouse.  We have more rolls of carpet in stock then every carpet warehouse between your home and are warehouse combined.  Our customers drive from all over for our great selection, value, and service.   In the last few weeks our customers have come from places such as San Diego and Seattle and everywhere between.  We are worth the drive from anywhere.  If you need carpeting, we have just the perfect carpet for you.  Many made in USA carpet choices in stock.